26 Minute Workouts- No Gym Needed

5 minute warm up-
 30 second jog in place
25 second jump rope in place
30 second jump with both feet together over imaginary line
Stretch any muscles that you feel need to be stretched
Glute activation using resistance band

Monday – 3 Rounds
1 minute squat jumps into sumo squat jumps 
10 each leg Chair/bench step ups 
30 Seconds full sit ups
20 Walking lunges Holding 10 lbs above head  
25 10 lb squat thrusts
25 10 lb RDL

Tuesday- 3 Rounds
30 seconds high knees in place
10 lateral raises/10 front raises  
30 seconds 2 feet hop over imaginary line
30 Mountain climbers
20 Chair dips
30 frog pumps

Wednesday- 3 rounds
1 minute 10 lb front squat- slow and controlled 
20 10 lb sumo deadlifts
25 jump lunges or in place lunges
30 chair squats
35 Body squats

Thursday – 3 rounds
30 second squat thrusts 
30 seconds high knees into 30 second butt kicks- no rest
30 sit ups
30 toe touches (legs up in the air)
30 frog pumps
30 second imaginary jump rope

Friday- 3 Rounds
20 jump squats
1 minute sumo dead lifts with 10lb weights
10 push ups- fall to knees if necessary 
15 10lb squat thrusts
20 10lb RDL

8 Burpees
30 10lb DB dead lifts
10 squat thrusts- holding weight  
8 Burpees
25 10lb DB deadlifts
10 squat thrusts- holding weight

8 Burpees
15 10lb DB deadlifts


Rest/stretch/ go for a long walk/run
Questions? Send me an email: lexrussellblog@gmail.com

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