Get To Know Me! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.56.14 PM.png

  • I was born and raised in Austin Texas
  • I’m 24 years old, I turn 25 April 1st 😛
  • I have a boxer puppy named Kyia, that I absolutely adore
  • I’m left handed and do everything backwards. LOL
  • Raise your hand if you’re a complete and total homebody. I love anything snuggled up on the couch. Staying home >going out. Wine, snacks, cuddles, Three of my favorite things!
  • I love anything and everything active.  Tennis, park time with Kyia, golf, throwing a ball, playing pick up soccer games, you name it!
  • I played college soccer in Oklahoma. Fun fact: I tore my ACL my first college game ever!
  • Bargain shopping is my thing. I love a good deal and saving $$$
  • I have a degree in Health Information Management and am currently working on my MBA!
  • Sewing is my current favorite hobby! I’m obsessed with it and dream of making my own swimsuits one day (Any tips are way appreciated)
  • I love to travel but I’ve never dreamed of traveling for long periods of time since I love being in my own bed. A week or two vacationing is my favorite!
  • I’m obsessed with wine and cheese boards. The whole idea of hosting parties with beautiful cheese boards everywhere makes me so happy.
  • I have a majorrrr sweet tooth. Chocolate, ice cream, sour patch straws, brownies, cookies. In this case, calories don’t count! 😉


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