Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Hunk

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of gift ideas for your sexy man. Although Valentine’s day is not my favorite holiday, it’s still an excuse to gift my hunky, hardworking man with a little surprise. With no further blabber, lets get started!Image result for valentines day

I have never been so excited about a gift in my entire life. Why? Because every time Ryan, my boyfriend, shaves his face, it’s all over the bathroom counter, where our toothbrushes sit, and nothing has ever irritated me more. Hopefully this Hair Clippings Catcher is a life saver for me because theres nothin’ better than a cleanly shaved man with minimal clean up.

BEARD KING - The Official Beard Bib - Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron - “As Seen on Shark Tank” - WhiteAmazon Hair Clippings Catcher

 Although I am an introvert 85% of the year,  there are times that I love going to a Thunder game, especially since I know how much Ryan enjoys it. One of my favorite gift ideas, that I think is so meaningful and so fun, is tickets to a sporting event. There’s nothing better than cheap, last minute tickets at the top of the arena with a $12 marg’ in hand. In our experience SeatGeek has never let us down.

Image result for thunder tickets picturesOKC Thunder Tickets 

One of the sneakiest things about me is that I am a sucker for snooping through Amazon carts. I know, I know, that’s exactly how you ruin surprises, BUT it’s also a great way to find out exactly what those hard to shop for people want. These Wireless Jaybird Headphones that allow him to not have to hold his phone during a run/workout would be such a great gift for your man.

Wireless Jaybird Headphones

Every guy out there that I’ve ever met loves a clean truck/car, am I right or am I right? How about a truck/car detailing? I once took my car to get detailed and WOW it was so amazing and for a few months it made me feel like I actually had my life together! It is so easy to find a good detailer in every town/city so what better than to surprise him with a clean truck and a sweet card?!

Image result for new truck 2018Squeaky clean detailed truck