Sushi Bowls

A few years ago I lived in California for a little over 6 months and my sushi obsession began. You could get all you can eat sushi in just about every city and I used to grubbbb. Now, living in Oklahoma, I crave it often but cannot get all you can eat (meaning the sushi in Oklahoma is basically not worth my time or money..haha just kidding but to be fair it’s just not the same) so I make it at home. Although I love to make it, It can be very time-consuming to roll sushi for just myself. (Ryan is the pickiest eater EVER-won’t even look at it. LOL) The last time I was craving sushi I had every intention to make a few rolls until I realized I didn’t have any saran wrap and well… throwing everything in a bowl was easier.

It’s my new go-to and definitely saves me lots of time!

  • Sushi rice
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Wasabi paste
  • Soy sauce
  • Sriracha
  • Mayo

Counting Macros Day One & Two. DID I FAIL? Fourth Of July Shenanigans

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty (anyone play HQ trivia??) If you download it use my code lexrussell5 to give ya girl a free life.


Day One of counting macros was a toughy. Just because I am used to eating whatever I want, with caution. So I would reach for something but my discipline would shake its pointer finger at me similar to what I do to my puppy when she is trying to hide her bone in my clean laundry.

 I tracked all of my food using #MyfitnessPal which makes it easy to input exactly what I am eating.


Day One: 

Breakfast: Lots of fruit (Watermelon and Strawberries) Not weighed but used my best judgment. One cup of each. With black coffee.

Lunch: Baked salmon and quinoa. 90 Grams of each


Snack:  Watermelon and #Quaker ranch rice crisps.


Dinner: Taco Mayo. JUDGE ME haha. Just kidding but I actually do think I still hit or stayed under my macros for the day. I had a cilantro rice bowl and chicken and a chicken /rice burrito. 😛


Woke up weighting 130lbs. One pound lighter than the previous day. I was soon hungry but I felt good!

Day Two: Fourth of July!!!

Breakfast: Sausage and bacon breakfast tacos made with lots of #Velveeta cheese and a flour tortilla. ***The take away here is I only ate one taco when honestly I could have eaten 12 AND I’m not perfect. This should give you validation that if you want the damn taco EAT THE DAMN TACO!!!

Lunch: McAlister’s in OKC. I had half a salad with ranch and half a sandwich.

Snack: Ranch dip with ruffles and like 10 hot cheetos. (Could have eaten the whole bag but selffffff control, rightttt?)

Dinner: Pork loin with BBQ sauce and a few potatoes from a bag of precooked microwavable …you know…they sucked so I only had a few.

Woke up weighing 131lbs. Grubbed yesterday so it makes sense and I am not upset about it at all!

**A few notes: 

  1. If you are eating something “unhealthy” the fact that you realize it is AWESOME. Which means you probably understand that YES you can have it and you SHOULD but you also need to keep in mind how important portion control is. 
  2. You are not perfect nor should you act like it. Enjoy time with your family. Eat the hotdog, drink the margarita. One bad meal isn’t going to make you fat like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny. It’s a process.
  3. Don’t quit! Even if the scale hasn’t moved, that doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Take some progress pictures, choose healthy options day by day, and don’t be so hard on yourself! 

Thursday 7/5/2018: I am eating lots of watermelon, drinking lots of water, and chugging coffee like it’s going out of style this morning.



AND JUST LIKE THAT: I’m Counting My Macros

‘Ello, Hi, Hey, What’s up you guys!! – Yesterday I posted a long blog post about my experience with counting macros. You can read it here!

WELLLLLL. . . . . Actual crickets……

I have decided to count my macros for 2-3 weeks and blog though the entire process! It can be tough and really overwhelming to count your macros so I wanted to make a guide and explain everything while I do it! Also,,,, I may have something really exciting coming up that I want to lose a little bit of weight for.

I have been making a conscious effort to eat WAY more veggies and fruits and stray away from meats apart from fish. That is not to say I am not eating meats, just not as much of it.

Each day for 2-3 weeks I’ll post:

  • What I am eating/drinking
  • How much I am eating
  • What I use to keep myself on track
  • Cardio/Workouts
  • How I am feeling each day
  • Pictures/ weight each day

I am so excited, Y’all! It has been what feels like sooooo long since I’ve counted my macros and stuck to it. I’m excited to have a different experience than my last and I am eager to add a little more disciple into my diet and share it with you all while prepping for something exciting! EKKK!

Let’s do this!!

Getting Real About Counting Macros

MACRONUTRIENTS, Macros, tracking your food, #myfitnesspal, SO many different meaning. If you don’t know what counting macronutrients is, here is an article that explains it. In Alexis’ terms it’s tracking the fats, carbs and proteins you are putting into your body every, single day. Monitoring this helps you from over-eating, KNOWING what you are eating and how much you should be eating, to hit your goals!

 A few years ago, when I was overly OBSESSIVE about what I put into my mouth, I hired a coach to help me adjust my macros daily to reach my goals. I wanted to learn about counting macros for my specific body so that in the future I could do it on my own.


Basically I paid him $100 every month for seven months and he told me exactly how many grams of fats, carbs, and protein I could have in a day. From there I would weigh my foods each day to make sure I hit my numbers as closely as possible. (Hannah, if you’re reading this- God Bless your family for dealing with me doing this every meal) He adjusted my numbers, as needed, depending on my report for the day. (How I was feeling, if I was lifting, doing cardio, hungry, not hungry, etc.)  When I was lean enough (I think my weight was 124) then I “reverse dieted”. (The main reason started to reverse diet was because I was literally miserable. Had zero energy, eating very little, so I said F*** this and told him I was ready to reverse it- AKA start eating more)


YES, I hit my goals. NO, it was not worth it. Still to this day I am ALWAYS thinking about food. Healthy foods, poor choices of foods, snacks, what/when I will eat next, the macros in every single thing I eat, etc. I turned even more obsessive and it was exhausting!


*The coach I was working with had me dieting for almost 18 weeks so I believe that is what went wrong.*


The only way I would ever count my macros again or recommend someone else count their macros is if:

  • I was trying to stay on track with my eating for a short period of time. Tops 4-5 weeks. For example- If I was going to be beach in a month and wanted to lose a little bit of weight.



  • You are new to working out and eating healthy and you need to learn the macros of foods you are putting in your body and how much you can have of those foods to still hit your goals.

Just like anything else on my page I encourage you to do your research! You don’t have to count your macros to lose weight. Take a step back, analyze what foods you are putting into your body on a daily basis and make adjustments as needed. Focus on whole foods full of nutrients!




BBQ Pulled Pork And Fresh Pineapple Pico De Gallo

The easiest BBQ pulled pork comin’ at ya with fresh pineapple Pico De Gallo!


If there is one thing you must know about me it’s that when I’m  in the kitchen, more often than not, I do not measure things. I eyeball just about everything and I’ve done it for years! LOL.  I know what you’re thinking…. Yes, it has gotten me into trouble a few times but no, I have not stopped doing it.

I also adjust all recipes to taste. 

For the pulled pork you will need:

Pork tinderlion

About 2 teaspoons of Paprika

About 1/2 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce

About 1 teaspoon Salt/Pepper to taste

About 1/2 Cup Water

For the Pineapple Pico de gallo you will need:

About 1/2  a Pineapple, in small cubes

2 Roma Tomatoes, in small cubes

The juice from half a large lime- to taste

1 clove of fresh garlic, minced

1 Jalapano, rinsed, seeded and minced

Salt/Pepper to taste

Cooking the pulled pork:

Place pork tenderloin, paprika, BBQ Sauce, and Salt/Pepper in crock pot on high for 6 hours.

Reduce heat to low, shred pork, cook on low for 1 more hour.

Whipping together pineapple pico:

Combine pineapple, tomato, jalapeño and garlic. Add lime juice, salt and pepper to taste


Booty Growth- How Long Does It Take?

What a hot topic! I’d go as far to say that 99% of females I talk to about fitness say something about changing their butts. Anything from “I want a bigger butt” to ” I want to tone my butt” and if I’m talking to males it’s comments like “she has a nice butt or damn look at her ass” I mean honestly think about it. Would it be crazy to say that butts are everything? They’re all over social media, in magazines, the focus of many workout programs, etc. OK. Butts are everything.

So… How long does it take to grow your booty. Honestly it depends. (Insert huge SIGH here) It depends on what ya momma gave ya(and your dad), what you’re eating, how often you’re eating, how you are lifting, how often you’re lifting, etc.

It really is quite simple. Your glutes are just like any other muscle. You have to consistently train them for them to grow. There are specific exercises you can do to focus on building your glutes but you absolutely have to stay disciplined in training them. Sure you are going to develop some muscle in 4 weeks but in order to have the butt of your dreams, you have to stay consistent for much longer than 4 weeks.  That’s not to discourage you! I am just trying to help you understand that you have to be determined and dedicated for more than 4 weeks to have noticeable changes in your glutes.

Consistency is key! 

You have to eat enough calories in order for your booty to grow. In my personal experience (and this may not apply for everyone) I have noticed the most glute growth when I eat at a surplus. Meaning, I am eating more calories than I would normally be eating if I was trying to lose weight or maintain my weight. I am also lifting heavy weight. When I eat more, I have way more motivation and energy to get into the gym and lift hard!

If it is your goal to grow your booty, here is my best advice:

  • Do your research. Find the best glute focused exercises. Some examples of these would be hip thrusters, squats, sumo dead lifts, Glute ham raises, heavy lunges, and resistance band exercises. Workout hard! 3x a week lift that booty off. Obviously I cannot tailor this blog post to specific people but do your research. If you are new to the gym ease into it. Perfect your form. That is THE most important thing you can do.
  • Eat. Eat. Eat. Im telling you, EAT! Focus on good nutrition.
  • Rest. Rest is very important. I understand you want that booty to grow. Rest is going to get you there.
  • Focus on single leg exercises. I personally notice a lot of fatigue in my booty when I do 70/30 “single leg” exercises. Meaning 70% of my weight on one leg and 30% of my weight on the other leg.
  • Make an  8 week scheduled and stick to it. Once you get the hang of it and you are being consistent, that booty will grow!
  • Don’t waste your money on programs that promise to grow your butt in X amount of weeks. Educate yourself. The internet is FULL of information that can help you reach your goals.

Best of luck growin’ that booty. And remember you already have a nice butt…you’re just making it nicer! 😉



Homemade Sushi

Trial and erroring over here so no one else has to! Tonight, I have perfected homemade sushi!! I am an avid sushi lover and I am so excited I took on this challenge because sushi can get expensive at restaurants.

You’ll need:

Sushi Rolling mat- I bought mine here.

Nori Seaweed- I bought mine here.

Anything extra you want in your sushi.  I used cucumber and avocado.

Sushi rice

Rice Vinegar



For the mayo sauce:



For the dipping sauce:

Soy sauce

Wasabi paste

Cooking the rice:

This step is VERY important. Cook the rice exactly how it says on your sushi rice container.

Once the rice is done cooking:

*Only handle the sushi rice with a wooden spoon. It is VERY delicate and needs to be handled with proper care.

Do not scrape the bottom of the pan. If you have followed your sushi rice directions, it should come out perfectly cooked.

Move the rice from the pan to a container.

Combine rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Warm on the stove top or in the microwave until salt and sugar have dissolved.

Pour over rice and mix together with wooden spoon.

*I cooked 1 cup of rice and I used:

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

3/4 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

*The rice needs to cool completely before moving on*

Do not put it in the fridge. I found that just leaving the rice alone for a few hours was my best bet.

Once the rice has cooled completely:

Wrap your sushi roller in Saran Wrap- this will prevent it from getting food on it.

Prepare a bowl of warm water for your fingers while rolling your rolls.

Cut up anything extra you want in your sushi. For me this was avocado and cucumber.

Now, you’re ready to start rolling!!

*If you have never rolled sushi before or you just need some extra help, find a YouTube video that can help you with this step. Not to worry, once you get the hang of it it’s super easy! At this point, you will want to wet the edge of your nori seaweed with a little water so that it sticks when you do your final roll.

Take a nori seaweed wrap and lay it on your mat.

Dip your fingers in your warm water and grab some rice and spread it on your seaweed. Add anything extra you want.

Grab the side of the mat closest to you and fold it over. Basically it should just grab everything that is in your roll.

continue to fold with your mat until you reach the edge of the nori.

At this point, you will want to wet the edge of your nori seaweed with a little water so that it sticks when you do your final roll.

Congrats! You have rolled a roll!

Now, this next part can be a little tricky but you got it!

You’ll need to take a sharp serrated knife and wipe it with a wet paper towel and cut it into bite size pieces.

The mayo/Sriracha sauce: Mix together 2 tablespoons of mayo with 1 tablespoon Sriracha. Adjust for flavor and personal preference.

You have made homemade sushi!! Awesome job! I would love to know if you tried making your own sushi. Let me know in the comments!