26 Minute Home Workouts- Week 3

Week 3/8! Great job! Keep killin’ it!

5 minute warm up-
 30 second jog in place
25 second jump rope in place
30 second jump with both feet together over imaginary line
Stretch any muscles that you feel need to be stretched
30 second jog in place
25 second jump rope in place
30 second jump with both feet together over imaginary line
Glute activation using resistance band

Monday – 4 Rounds
1 minute squat jumps into sumo squat jumps 
10 each leg Chair/bench step ups 
30 Seconds full sit ups
20 Walking lunges Holding 10 lbs above head  
25 10 lb squat thrusts
25 10 lb RDL
30 Second burpees  (aim for 15)

Tuesday- 4 Rounds
30 seconds high knees in place
10 lateral raises/10 front raises  
30 seconds 2 feet hop over imaginary line
30 Mountain climbers
20 Chair dips
30 frog pumps
8 burpees 

Wednesday- 5 rounds
1 minute 10 lb front squat- slow and controlled 
20 10 lb sumo deadlifts
25 jump lunges or in place lunges
30 chair squats
35 Body squats
45 second wall sit

Thursday – 4 rounds
30 second squat thrusts 
30 seconds high knees into 30 second butt kicks- no rest
30 sit ups
30 toe touches (legs up in the air)
1 minute plank
30 frog pumps
30 second imaginary jump rope

Friday- 4 Rounds
20 jump squats
1 minute sumo dead lifts with 10lb weights
10 push ups- fall to knees if necessary 
15 10lb squat thrusts
20 10lb RDL
20 Jumping lunges

8 Burpees
30 10lb DB dead lifts
10 squat thrusts- holding weight  
8 Burpees
25 10lb DB deadlifts
10 squat thrusts- holding weight

8 Burpees
15 10lb DB deadlifts
10 squat thrusts- holding weight

Rest/stretch/ go for a long walk/run

For workouts from week 1 and 2, email me.
Questions? Send me an email: lexrussellblog@gmail.com

Amazon-What’s In My Cart

Calling all Amazon lovers I thought it would be fun to share items that I buy often (and I love) and items that sit in my cart until I drink too much wine and finally give in and buy them.

I L.O.V.E these lotion bars. Mostly because they are all natural and have no added chemicals/fragrance, but also because they leave your hands feeling so soft. Honestly, my go-to and I don’t even miss my drugstore lotion.


I am SO excited to try this collagen. About a month ago I bought some collagen off of amazon that had great reviews but it didn’t really do it for me. I didn’t notice any differences in my skin, hair, or nails really so I decided to stop using it. I reached out to a few girlfriends who use Vital Collagen and they are loving it! Update on that in a about a month!


This Arc floor lamp YOU GUYS!!! Sorry for screaming but I want it SO bad. LOL my brother has one and it is so beautiful and modern looking. Every time I see it I just drool because I love it that much. Maybe tonight is the night I purposely drink too much wine??


This Blue Lizard Sunscreen. My favorite. Y’all. Like liquid gold. Anything with minimal and meaningful ingredients has my full and undivided love. I have melasma on my face so effective sunscreen is an absolute must for me.


This Ceder-wood Essential OilCeder-wood Essential Oil is a weird find for me. I’ve been looking for an all natural bug replant for my puppy and I have read that cedar-wood essential oil, diluted, works miracles to keep bugs away.


With all the rave about turmeric right now, I had to get my hands on a bottle. I have been taking it for about three weeks and can’t wait to write a post about the noticeable benefits I have experienced!


This liquid fish oil. It is a little pricy; however, 100% worth every penny. Supports heart, brain, vision and joint health and since I don’t eat the recommended amount of fish that I should, this helps me to get enough Omega-3s. I highly recommend doing research on the benefits of fish oil, more specifically Omega-3s. It is so important that you are getting enough of them. Just add a teaspoon into a glass of orange juice and you’re good to go!


Lastly, These rubber hair ties. I have never used them before but I know a few people who love them and claim that they don’t leave a crease in your hair when its up so I thought I would give them a try. I’ll let ya know what I think!


Curious to hear what items are in your Amazon cart.  Anything you swear by or love to use?

26 Minute Workouts-No Gym Needed!

26 minute NGN (No gym needed) Workouts


  • 5 or 10 pound weights
  • A sturdy chair
  • Resistance Bands
  • Good attitude
  • The motivation to do the workout as hard as you can


*This 26 minute daily workout must be paired with good eating habits to see the best results possible. Please reach out for food tips if you need help.

*One thing about not working out in a gym is that it can be hard to find the motivation. Trust me, I get it. This 26 min daily workout is 1.8% of a 24-hour day. It has to be a very intense 26 minutes to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout.

*Modification CAN be made. If you have an injury or aren’t strong enough (Yet) for a specific exercise, it can be adjusted.

*The workouts will come Sunday of every week. With Sunday being a rest day. Rest day doesn’t mean do nothing. Stretch. Go for a short run. Walk your dog. Work in the yard. Move as much as possible.

*These workouts need to be paired with movement. If you sit at a desk all day take periodic breaks and walk around. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. When you get home, do not plop on the couch and watch TV. Do stretches, play with your kids outside, walk your animals, go for a stroll in the neighborhood, etc.

I recommend (not necessary) getting a white board or a big sheet of paper and writing the workout to place in front of you so you don’t have to constantly look at your phone or computer screen.

These workouts will consist of legs, upper body, and abs. Since the workouts are only 26 minutes long each day, you will need to push yourself as hard as you can for the full 26 minutes. Taking rest and water as you need. The goal is to get your stamina up, that way you are able to reach the point where you can push yourself harder each workout.

5 minute warm up- This is to get your muscles warm. That way you don’t begin the 26-minute workout with cold muscles, which could increase your chances of injury.

Warm up:

30 second jog in place

25 second jump rope in place

30 second jump with both feet together over imaginary line

Stretch any muscles that you feel need to be stretched

30 second jog in place

25 second jump rope in place

30 second jump with both feet together over imaginary line


M – 4 Rounds


T- 4 Rounds


W- 5 rounds


T – 4 rounds


F- 4 Rounds






30 Seconds high knees in place


10 Knee push-ups


30 Second 10 lb front squat


DB Shoulder press while in a squat or hands above head


20 jump squats


5 Burpees



Rest/stretch/ go for a long walk/run


30 Seconds butt kicks in place


15 DB Row


15 10 lb sumo deadlifts


30 seconds jumping jacks


30 second high knees


15 10lb DB dead lifts


30 Seconds full sit ups


10 High jumps- Tuck knees


20 jump lunges or in place lunges


30 sit ups


10 push ups or knee push ups


5 Burpees


1 minute plank


10 Front raises / 10 lateral raises

W/ weights

20 chair squats


30 toe touches (Abs)

(legs up in the air)


15 10lb squat thrusts


14 10lb DB deadlifts


25 10 lb squat thrusts


30 Mountain climbers


30 Body squats


1 minute plank


15 10lb RDL


5 Burpees



25 10 lb RDL 15 Chair dips 30 second wall sit


20 frog pumps


20 Jumping lunges


13 10lb DB deadlifts


30 Second Body squats (aim for 35)


20 frog pumps


5 Burpees


30 second imaginary jump rope


5 Burpees


Weekly workouts will be updated every Sunday! 

25 Things I’ve Learned In My 25 Years

Happy Easter! Happy April Fools day! Today’s my birthday…APRIL FOOLS!🎉 just kidding today really is my birthday 💕

I’m not sure if it’s just me but it seems like the older I get the faster life is happening. Each day I wake up more grateful to be alive than the day before and don’t even try to hide my thoughts of how insanely lucky and blessed we are to live the way we live. It’s amazing the opportunities we have, the freedom, the power, and the resources to be whoever and whatever we want to be. The other day I think I recall my exact words to my boyfriend while we were looking at plants at Ace hardware “Can you believe that this little plant creates fruit and vegetables that help us to live” HAHA. seriously. It’s so amazing. Life is so dang cool.

Without further ado, here are 25 things I have learned in my 25 years of being on this planet.

1. If you want a dog/ puppy, get one!

Getting Kyia, our puppy was the most impulse thing I’ve ever done but still until this day, the best thing I have ever done. She is my absolute best buddy and I cannot imagine my life without her. YES! It’s hard and she’s expensive, but for all the smiles, laughs, and cuddles she’s given me in her short time being in my life so far she is 110% worth it.

2. Love who you love.

Life. Is. So. Short. Love who you love and don’t ever forget to tell them.

3. There is always room for growth.

In your personal life, the gym, yoga world, etc. there is always room to get better. Keep killin’ it

4. Be proud of who you are and what you are becoming. Be proud of every single step you take.

5. Find what you LOVE to do

6. The gym is NOT life

7. Procrastination is not your friend

Yeah, ask Ryan I freakin’ struggle with time management, buttttt cmon I’m not perfect. I KNOW getting shit done is the way to go. New year, new me. 😉

8. If you want something done, do it.

Nothing is going to get done WHEN you want it and HOW you want it done, so better just knock it out yourself.

9. 80/20 diet is life

Sometimes I want a cheese burger, pizza, fried chicken, and ice cream all in one week. And while I will treat myself often, I feel so amazing when I’m eating whole foods that are filling and clean.

10. Taking care of your skin is THE most important thing you can do

Wear sunscreen, wash your face, use moisturizer, invest in good products. IT IS SO IMPORTANT.

11. Wash your bedsheets often. Getting into a clean bed is one of the best feelings everrrr

12. Daily water consumption is key.

13. If you really want something, buy it. ESPECIALLY if it is something that can potentially make you money in the future.

14. Don’t take your family/friends for granted. They’re your rock. Lean on them, love on them, make sure they know how much you care.

15. Make your space feel homey.

Apartment, rent house, studio, whatever it is. Make it a happy space that you love coming home to.

16. Your education can never be taken away from you. Read, learn, research, fill your mind with things that help you be more knowledgeable. Never stop learning.

17. Life’s all about who you know.

18. Keep your circle small.

19. Happiness and motivation come from within.

20. Pick. Your. Battles.

Mannn this is a tough one for me but I get better every year!

21. Botox will treat your signs of stress and aging and NO you should not feel bad or embarrassed about it.

22. Take lots of pictures!I think pictures are so special. They are capturing moments that last forever.

23. Make others feel special without expecting anything in return.

24. A spray tan/ tanning lotion will make it appear that you have lost 10 lbs and you will feel like nothing in the entire world is going to stop ya! 

25. Be your own person. You’re unique and there is not a single person in the entire world like you. ROCK THAT SHIT 💕


Adrenal Fatigue In My Early 20’s (Part 1)

Adrenal fatigue is an extremely difficult condition for many people to understand and therefore it can be very frustrating to not only live with it but also search for help.

My experience with adrenal fatigue.

Growing up I lived in the sun. Every weekend we had soccer games and any weekends we didn’t, we were sun bathing on top of the roof covered in baby oil.

In 2016, Prior to moving to Oklahoma I developed melasma on my face(Upper lip and cheek bones). I was a live-in nanny and we were at the pool just about every weekend. Although I would religiously apply  zinc sunscreen, wore hates and sunglasses, the sun still found its way to my face and the melasma grew darker. It bothered me enough that I saw a doctor who ran lots of blood work to try and figure out the cause. Complete blood count, Comprehensive metabolic profile, pregnant test, urine analysis, FSH, Luteinizing hormone, Estradiol, Prolactin, Testosterone, Total testosterone Female, Cortisol, and Progesterone PT W/O IVF DHEA. Everything came back “normal” and he told me there wasn’t anything to be concerned about, that my face could just be experiencing the negative effects of 22 years in the sun with very minimal applications of sunscreen. He offered me prescription lightening creams and a script to see a dermatologist. However, I knew the issue was deeper than that. I knew the malesma covering my face was the result of some kind of hormone imbalance in my body, So I opted out and continued looking for answers.

In October of 2016 I moved to Oklahoma for graduate school.  It was a familiar place as I completed my undergrad at the same school and where I played college soccer. I felt that at that point in my life it was the best thing for me to pursue my Masters and obtain my MBA while I was young, no kids and single at the time. I began working an $8 an hour job at a car dealership full time and taking classes at night. Although I knew this was not the job I would have forever, it still took a toll on me that I was working a 9am-6pm job, taking full time classes at night, trying to get to the gym on a regular basis and have a social life. Although I didn’t know it at the time, this is where the stress began.

Fast forward 8 months, I quit my job, and applied for a part-time internship position on campus at my school. This is when the symptoms started to show up. I had a new boyfriend at the time, so while I was trying to enjoy my time with him, I was struggling with all of these terrible symptoms that I could not find answers to. These symptoms included extreme fatigue, fast heart beat, lethargic, no energy after full nights of sleep and coffee, unfocused, etc. Before scheduling more doctors appointments, I tried to link my Melasma to how I was feeling. I spent countless hours researching what I was experiencing.

After tons of my own personal research I decided that maybe I had some kind of  deficiency.  I had tried to convince myself that an iron or vitamin deficiency was the cause of my melasma and therefore maybe that’s what was making me feel these fatigue like symptoms. I went in for more blood work. I had a lot of the same blood tests done as before in 2016 prior to moving to Oklahoma. Complete blood count, Comprehensive metabolic profile, pregnant test, urine analysis, FSH, Luteinizing hormone, Estradiol, Prolactin, Testosterone, Total testosterone Female and Progesterone PT W/O IVF DHEA. After the blood work came back “normal” I had further tests done looking at my AM cortisol. (Keep in mind from the research I had done it was important for me to have further thyroid testing done as well as cortisol tests throughout the entire day not just the morning but my healthcare provider assured me that was not necessary and that if something was wrong it would show up in a single test). All tests came back in the “normal” ranges.

Around this time I started on Lutera Birth Control. After a few months it worsened my melasma on my upper lip and cheek bones AND I developed it on my forehead.

At this point I was devastated and felt extremely lost.

No one could give me any answers… I didn’t feel like my healthcare professional cared much because it was out of the normal issues that he treats. It didn’t seem like anyone was trying their hardest to find answers for me. And this was the most stressful/aggravating part.


Part 2 to come  

My Six Tips To Rid Negative Thoughts To Achieve Your Goals And Change Your Mindset

“Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”

“Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do”

Your mind is so damn powerful and will determine the kind of life you live. Your daily routine, your attitude, your relationships, etc. 

It’s a daily practice! 

Holy Shiiiiiit I’d be lying if I told you everyday was filled with all positive thoughts and positive things that come out of my mouth. I am NOT perfect.

I will tell you it for damn sure didn’t happen over night and STILL till this day I have moments or even days where negative thoughts will creep into my mind. I catch myself and instantly think about things that make me happy.

Ways To Help Rid Negative Thoughts: 

  • Figure out exactly where these thoughts are coming from. Talk about them. Analyze them. Write them down. Get to the bottom of them. Adjust them. 

Your mind thinks- ” She has really nice legs. My legs will never look like hers”

Adjust your mindset to ” I’ve been working out so hard and I can’t wait to see the results I have in a few months from my hard work and consistency!”

  • Read “Change your words, change your thoughts” by Joyce Myers

It. Will. Change. Your. Life. You will realize you are NOT the only person having these thoughts and she will teach you ways to rid negative thoughts and emotions. *Even if you are not religious I still recommend this book*

  • Go for a stroll. Walk. Run. Bike. Take 20-30 and enjoy nature. Listen to your favorite music and spend some time on you.


  • Go for a workout. Find a lifting workout I’ve written under my fitness tab and go pump some iron. Guaranteed 10/10 will make you feel like you WILL conquer the world!


  • Take a bath. Something about a bath bomb and candles makes me happy.


  • Listen to a motivational podcast. This is something I do not do enough of but when I do I LOVE it! It makes me feel so energized and excited for life. LOL


  • Meditate. The single most underrated activity in my opinion. I used to feel kinda silly mediating and still sometimes if Ryan is around I won’t do it because I feel silly but it seriously makes me feel so good! Find an app. I used Headspace until my trial was over and now I use youtube and debating on using a different email to get more free sessions on Headspace. 😉

 Conquer your mind and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  

If you take anything from this post it’s that I achieved these results by discipline and hard ass work. Adjusting my mindset has taught me disciple, determination, consistency, and so many other things.

Stop limiting yourself. Adjust your mindset and go achieve your goals! 


* Blog post to come on my daily gym routine and nutrition *

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.58.08 PM

Clothing Store Favorites

If you read my get to know me post then you know I love a good sale. No matter if it’s groceries, clothes, shoes, home decor, etc. I’m looking for the highest quality with the lowest price. My mom says I’ve always been frugal but hey, if I’m saving money how can ya blame me?!

Currently, I’m in grad school in a pretty small town so all I have access to are smaller boutiques and online looking/shopping unless we make a trip to Oklahoma City which is not often. So if there’s a good sale and I can’t make it to the city, I’ll shop online. Otherwise I like to try clothes on and give myself the “can you really not live without this” talk.

My favorite places to shop for clothes

Marshalls/ TJmaxx

Nordstrom Rack

Free People




Old Navy